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Scottish Parliament Hit by Cyber-Attack Similar to Westminster Assault

Oklahoma Man Charged in Anti-Government Bomb Plot

A Guide to the Violence in Charlottesville

ISIS Plot Using Drone to Attack Turkish Base Foiled, Authorities Say

Feds Say Jewish Community Center Bomb Threat Suspect Ran Paid Service on Dark Web

Possible Tornado Flips Car, Topples Trees in Maryland

‘Improvised Explosive Device’ behind Minnesota Mosque Blast, FBI Says

US Tests ICBM Amid Latest North Korea Provocation

Researcher: Metadata the ‘Most Potent Weapon’ against Critical Infrastructure Security

Sydney Police Raid 5 Locations After ‘Advanced’ Terror Plot to Down Plane Foiled

BBC: It’s a Myth that Most Cyber-Criminals Are ‘Sophisticated’

Learning from ISIS’s Virtual Propaganda War for Western Muslims: A Comparison of Inspire and Dabiq

US: North Korea Could Launch Nuclear-Capable Missile by Next Year

EF-2 Tornado Causes Extensive Damage on Kent Island

How ISIS Nearly Stumbled on the Ingredients for a ‘Dirty Bomb’

Possible Tornado Causes Extensive Damage on Kent Island, 8,000 Without Power

Justice Dept. Announces Takedown of AlphaBay, a Dark Web Marketplace for Drugs and Other Illicit Goods

U.S. Should Consider a Formal Op to Combat ISIS in the Philippines, Says Gen. Paul Selva

The Next Steps in the Fight Against ISIS

Lloyd’s of London Insurance Says Cyberattack could Cost $120 Billion, Same as Hurricane Katrina

ISIS Brides Flee Caliphate as Noose Tightens on Terror Group

Cyber Tip from NCMEC Leads to Child Pornography Arrest in Thurmont, MD

2 Israeli Police Officers Killed in Attack in Old City of Jerusalem

US Drone Strike Reportedly Killed 4 Key ISIS Commanders

Top U.S. General: No Evidence that Islamic State Leader Is Still Alive

Exploring the Role of Instructional Material in AQAP’s Inspire and ISIS’ Rumiyah

FBI: Hawaii-Based Soldier Pledged Allegiance to Islamic State Group

Syrian War Monitor Reports Death of ISIS Leader but U.S. Can’t Confirm

Vehicles as Weapons of Terror: U.S. Cities on Alert as Attacks Hit the West

Maryland Wildland Fire Crew Dispatched to Colorado

ISIS on the Web: Islamic State Has 30,000-Website-Strong ‘Virtual Caliphate,’ Warns EU Anti-Terror Chief

Hackers Are Targeting Nuclear Facilities, Homeland Security Dept. and F.B.I. Say

Surfer Who Saved the World from WannaCry Gets Ready for the Next Big Virus

Senate Report: ‘Avalanche’ of Media Leaks Hurting National Security

US Watched North Korea Prepare for ICBM Launch

New York City Cop ‘Assassinated’ in the Bronx

Why Old Tech Is Scarier than Hollywood Artificial Intelligence

ISIS Is Losing Mosul and Most of Its Income

Ohio Man Accused of Plotting Terror Pleads Guilty

Ukraine’s Ransomware Attack Was a Ruse to Hide Culprit’s Identity, Researchers Say

Europol: There’s No ‘Kill Switch’ for Malware Attack

Spain Shuts down Suspected ISIS Cell

Howard County Website Restored after Pro-ISIS Hack

Many Firms in Ukraine, Russia Hit by Global Cyber-Attacks

John Kasich: Ohio Governor’s Website Hacked with Pro-ISIS Propaganda

New York Man Charged with Trying to Aid ISIS

Facebook, Google Face Legal Pressure to Curtail Extremism

Yemen Al Qaeda Boss Killed in US Airstrike, Military Officials Say

FBI Investigating Officer’s Stabbing at Flint Airport as Terrorism

DHS Officials: 21 States Potentially Targeted by Russia Hackers Pre-Election

Tropical Storm Cindy Threatens 17 Million along the Gulf Coast

Champs Elysees Attacker Stashed Weapons, Was on French Watchlist

Paris Attack: Champs-Elysees Driver Had Explosives and Rifle, Was Flagged for Extremism

London Van Attack: One Dead as Police Investigate Incident as Terrorism

Russia Says It May Have Killed ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

The NSA Has Linked the WannaCry Computer Worm to North Korea

Facebook Grows Its Counterterrorism Team

Suspected Va. Gunman Identified as James T. Hodgkinson of Downstate Illinois

Lessons Learned from the Police Response to the San Bernardino and Orlando Terrorist Attacks

Republican House Whip Steve Scalise Shot in Virginia Shooting

Police: 2 Officers Killed, 2 Inmates on Run in Georgia

Baltimore City Police Training All K-9 Handlers to Administer Naloxone to Dogs

A Year Ago Today, Larossi Abballa Stormed Home of 2 French Police Officers & Killed Them in Front of Their Child

From ‘Caliph’ to Fugitive: ISIS Leader Baghdadi’s New Life on the Run

U.S. Cyberweapons, Used Against Iran and North Korea, Are a Disappointment Against ISIS

Russia Has Developed a Cyber Weapon that Can Disrupt Power Grids, According to New Research

Terror Motive Not Ruled out in DC Hit-and-Run that Injured Officers, Police Say

Police Kill Robbery Suspect in Dundalk, Officer in Serious Condition, Bystander Wounded

Maryland High School Seniors Shot Dead Night Before Graduation

London Terror Attacks: What We Know so Far

Gunman ‘Singled Out’ Victims in Orlando Shooting Spree

ISIS News Agency AMAQ Founder ‘Killed in U.S. Coalition Strike’

Two Men Stabbed to Death on Oregon Train Trying to Stop Anti-Muslim Rant

Islamic State Calls For ‘All-Out War’ on West at Start of Ramadan After Manchester Attack

Baltimore Braces for Spread of Mosquito-Borne Zika

US Officials Raise Security Profiles at Arenas

US Officials: Navy SEALs Kill 7 Militants in Yemen Raid

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Ariana Grande Concert Attack in Manchester

U.S. Believes ISIS’ Bomb-Making Research Includes New Generation of Explosives to Sneak through Airport Scanners

American Defamation League Report: Right-Wing and ‘Radical Islamic’ Terror in the U.S. Are Equally Serious Threats

Police, FBI Investigating University of Maryland Killing as Possible Hate Crime

ISIS Video Shows New Weapons, ‘American’ Urging Attacks in U.S.

Hackers Steal Zomato Data on 17 Million Users

Caribbean to Caliphate: Trinidad and Tobago Have Become One of the Largest Recruitment Hubs for Islamic State

The Pentagon Is Hunting ISIS Using Big Data and Machine Learning

Main Street in Ellicott City May Be Closed Until Friday After Water Main Break

DHS Issues National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin, With a Focus on Homegrown Violent Extremism

Latest Al Qaeda Propaganda Highlights Bin Laden’s Son

WannaCry Ransomware: What We Know

Cyber Attack Spreads across 12 Countries; Some UK hospitals Crippled

Johns Hopkins Student Charged With Making Bomb Threats on Morning of Exams

Cyberattack in U.K. Hits 16 Health Institutions

Windows Patches Serious Vulnerability in Windows Defender, Built-in Malware Protection

Johns Hopkins Exams Resume After Unfounded Bomb Threat

Islamic State Commander in Iraq Killed

Johns Hopkins Investigating Bomb Threat Called in Before Exams

DHS Could Expand Electronic Ban to More US-Bound Flights

Mexico Was Second Deadliest Country in the World After Syria in 2016

U.S. Military Cyber Operation to Attack ISIS Last Year Sparked Heated Debate over Alerting Allies

N.J. Man Charged With Trying to Support IS