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Accomplishments for Core Goal #11: Backup Power and Communications

Backup Power and Communications


Backup Power and Communications
Two of the most basic capacities necessary for any operation are continuity of power and redundant means of communication.  Previously the State had little or no information on the availability of generators or pre-wiring for generators at the local level. Continuity of operations planning was disorganized, uncoordinated, and had inaccurate or incomplete information on redundant communications assets.  Since 2007, the State has focused on inventorying and identifying gaps in backup power and communications resources and in planning to ensure continuity of service and government during times of need.  Following are key projects and accomplishments:

  • Launched Maryland’s first ever statewide map-based common operating platform to provide real-time data on emergencies including electrical power outages, inclement weather events and traffic emergencies to first responders and the public.

Power outage map

  • Maryland OSPREYThe Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) created a gateway on their website
    to the entire group of OSPREY programs (eight in total).
    In order to meet all OSPREY users’ needs, multiple views of the program have been created and placed on MEMA’s “OSPREY Landing” page. This allows for both public and secure access levels to OSPREY, as well as for some versions to be accessible via iPad.
  • OSPREY DashboardOSPREY BOCCreated additional versions of OSPREY with unique functionalities such as Maryland’s first-ever power outage map, and the real-time private sector mapping component included in the Business Operations Center (BOC) version of OSPREY. OSPREY Power Outage provides real-time data on emergencies to the public and first responders online. During the peak of SuperStorm Sandy, more than 264,000 Maryland residents and visitors logged on to OSPREY to find information on power outages, emergency shelters, and flood zones. OSPREY Business can be used by the public to obtain situational awareness of businesses in their area that are open for operations before, during, and after an emergency.
  • The Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) created their first ever mobile application for emergency management in Maryland. The Maryland Prepares App is available to everyone including the public and first responders, and contains information about preparing for emergencies and disasters, as well as sources for information during an emergency such as MEMA’s Twitter feed.
  • Completed renovating the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC). MEMA invested over $2 million to renovate the existing SEOC into a state-of-the-art facility in time for the 2014 hurricane season. The new facility will allow for better communication between stakeholders by grouping SEOC representatives by function, and will provide more situational awareness with an innovative video wall displaying MVIEW, Maryland’s CCTV statewide network.