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Cornerstone 1: Objectives

OBJECTIVE: Coordinate protective security assessments among law enforcement agencies, private security contractors, healthcare providers, and non-governmental organizations (NGO) related to security during high threat incidents.

OBJECTIVE: GOHS will cooperate with regional DHS Protective Security Advisors (PSA) to build and maintain relationships between critical infrastructure owner/operators, via MCAC/CIP, and the first responders who will support them during joint exercises and emergencies.

OBJECTIVE: GOHS will partner with MEMA and county emergency managers to teach individuals, families, and businesses in Maryland about disaster preparedness.

OBJECTIVE: GOHS will collaborate with DoIT and MEMA to leverage current and emerging technology to create new methods of mass emergency notification.

OBJECTIVE: GOHS will provide recommendations to State Agencies in order to adopt and support community-based homeland security efforts in Maryland, focusing on training and information sharing.