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Cornerstone 2: Objectives

OBJECTIVE: GOHS will coordinate with the Governor’s Office of Crime Control &Prevention (GOCCP) and the Governor’s Council on Violent Crime Networks (GCVCN) to field the Maryland Criminal Intelligence Network (MCIN) in order to facilitate interoperability platforms for effective and efficient information sharing between State, county, and local law enforcement partners.

OBJECTIVE: GOHS will collaborate with all State Agencies and Departments to identify technology that can be leveraged to create new solutions to homeland security and emergency management challenges.

OBJECTIVE: GOHS will work to improve the integration/coordination of existing information systems (HSIN, ESSENCE, HAN, WebEOC, MEMRAD, etc.)

OBJECTIVE: GOHS will ensure Maryland State Agencies with public safety missions complete implementation of Public Safety Grade communications technology to increase the reliability of cellular communications during emergencies.

OBJECTIVE: GOHS will encourage the Department of Information Technology (DoIT) to complete statewide implementation of the Maryland FiRST radio platform.