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Cornerstone 4: Objectives

OBJECTIVE: GOHS will build a coalition of public safety partners, including: government, private sector, non-governmental organizations (NGO), educational, and religious institutions in Maryland to coordinate a statewide campaign to prepare and train for Active Assailant Incidents and Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attacks.

OBJECTIVE: GOHS will facilitate collaboration between government and nonprofits to increase the number and scope of Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) programs in Maryland communities.

OBJECTIVE: GOHS will support the Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center (MCAC) in formalizing a Statewide Fusion Liaison Officer (FLO) program. The FLO program will build upon existing networks and expand the FLO program among first responder agencies, healthcare community, and the private sector. The program will facilitate the coordination and reporting of Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) among public and private sectors.

OBJECTIVE: GOHS will coordinate with the Maryland Emergency Management Agency and public safety agencies to evaluate existing inventories of PPE for CBRNE terrorist incidents.

OBJECTIVE: GOHS will coordinate identification, evaluation, consideration, and recommendation of equipment associated with counter-terrorism, violent extremism, and acts of terror.