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GOHS Strategy

The Governor’s Office of Homeland Security has tirelessly worked alongside the many stakeholders in Maryland to develop four cornerstones which will establish the foundation of all homeland security efforts in the State. Each cornerstone represents a priority line of effort that is crucial to combat the complex threats facing Marylanders, and the world, today. Under each cornerstone will be objectives, serving as specific courses of action that are clearly defined and measurable in order to evaluate the progression of homeland security in Maryland.

Cornerstone 1: Expand Statewide, community, and individual preparedness to ensure a resilient Maryland capable of dealing with a range of threats & emergencies.

Cornerstone 1: Objectives

Cornerstone 2: Enable improved communications and information sharing through the use of interoperable platforms to unify the effort of public safety partners in Maryland.

Cornerstone 2: Objectives

Cornerstone 3: Improve cybersecurity practices to defend Maryland’s State Government, businesses, and communities from cyber-attacks by minimizing cyber hazards and optimizing incident response.

Cornerstone 3: Objectives

Cornerstone 4: Strengthen counter-terrorism measures in Maryland to identify, deter, and defeat violent extremism and acts of terror.

Cornerstone 4: Objectives